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About the Project


This initiative drew on future energy models from the following organizations. Each of these models helped us visualize and predict what a low-carbon future could look like for Canadians living in rural and urban communities. The purpose of the website was to combine this information in an accessible way and help remove some of the uncertainty surrounding what a low-carbon future could mean for homes, vehicles, travel and shopping. To learn more about the models, please click the links below!

Energy Exchange

Energy Exchange, a division of Pollution Probe, is dedicated to advancing energy literacy in Canada. It aspires to a future in which Canadians are united in their energy prosperity, rather than divided by their energy options. It is committed to fostering an energy culture that will ensure that Canada’s immense and varied energy wealth is used to build a rich and diversified economy and a vibrant and prosperous society. 

Pollution Probe

Established in 1969, Pollution Probe is a national, non-profit organization that exists to improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians by advancing policy that achieves positive, tangible environmental change. Pollution Probe has a proven track record of working in partnership with industry and government to develop practical solutions to environmental challenges.

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